Annual Plenary Assembly Corax e.V. November 2017

November 15th, 2017 | by Stella G. |

Report of the annual plenary assembly, Corax e.V.

Date: 08th of November 2017

Attending: 32 voting members → therefore presence of a quorum

Vote for chairperson of this meeting: Udo (30 in favor/ 0 against / 2 abstention)

Vote for minute-taker: Jonas, Philine and Lukas (32/0/0)

  1. Statement of the boards work between July 2017 and November 2017

  • former assignment for the board: deal with existing conflicts, bring to mind existing problems within the structures of Corax e.V. → the board and the coordinators undertook a self-evaluation in order to reflect our existing structures (one of the results for example shows a significant high amount of shows produced by male members, in contrast to relatively low amount of female-only shows within our program).

    this self-evaluation can be used as groundwork for our “future-workshop” in February

    we warmly invite further Corax members to participate in the planning of this workshop, a Mailinglist was handed out.

  • Radio Corax participates in the neighborhood-campaign against the “IB”-House in Adam-Kuckhoff-Straße. We signed an open letter against the house.

  • Cooperation with Opera Halle

  • Call for support: As we would like to enable more people to access the radio and its structures, we will need more people, who would like to translate our documents, protocols, bylaws..

  • Increasing amount of new members: on the 30th of October, we invited many new members to visit the radio and learn about our concept and structures.

  • Conflict with regard to one show in July led to the assembly of a “Radioplenum” in August in order to discuss our practice with controversial contents and their potential removal from the program on short notice. → It became clear, that we have to update our editorial bylaws (Redaktionsstatut).

  1. Update of the editorial statute (Redaktionsstatut)

  • We updated our editorial statute in order to adapt the (quite old) document to our day to day practice in the radio.

  • Motion of procedure ahead of the update-discussion:

    The board is requested to provide a written synopsis of the existing statute that emphasizes the proposed changes to the document. Further the board is requested to justify every change to the statute in written form.” (Vote: 4/23/5) → motion dismissed.

  • Members of the commission that elaborated the changes: board, coordinators, Götz.

  • Contents of our statute have been adapted to reality → mostly conceptional changes, e.g. our disclaimer against extremisms is provided with more detailed terms now.

  • Motion of procedure: Every amendment to the updated statute will be discussed and voted singularly. (Vote: 28/0/4)


The particular changes and amendments of the statute are not included in the English version of our report due to the fact, that the document has not been translated to English yet.


  • Vote for the updated statute: Statute is adopted by 29 to 0 votes (4 abstentions)

8.51 pm: → Short break for about 10 minutes;

9.01 pm → after the break, 32 voting members

  1. Budget report 2017 and 2018 projection


for more details on our budget, please see the original report in the Corax office.


  • Vote for the budget discharge 2017: Budget is discharged by 32 to 0 votes(1 abstention)

  • Vote for the budget Projection 2018: Projection is approved by 32 to 0 votes(1 abstention)

  1. Project coordination 2017 and prospects for 2018


for the detailed report, please ask Nico.


  1. Report public relations 2017 and prospects for 2018

  • Idea: open online- and social-media work to more Corax editorial teams.

  • Werkleitz festival radio has been supervised and organized. Party at the “Hasenberg” (Pauluschurch) and much more..

  • on the 5th of December Corax and further NGOs from Halle will show the movie “Echoes” at Puschkino.

  • Future objectives: More Corax people need to participate in public relation activities. Singular editorial teams have to be encouraged to exchange with Helene regularly.

  1. Miscellaneous

  • Job-announcements for experts in media-education in order to take care of our children- and youth editorial team have been published. We are currently looking for a Corax member with experiences in media-education who would like to participate in our applications-commission.

    Every member interested in this task is invited to contact the board.

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